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Emma Collingwood

Love, Suspense and Sarcasm in the Age of Sail

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Welcome to the journal of author Emma Collingwood. If you've never heard of her, we wouldn't blame you, but as you are already here, why not have a cup of tea and learn about my work?

I write tales set in the Age of Sail; adventure and male/male romance in the 18th Century with a healthy dose of humour and emphasis on historical accuracy. No heaving bosoms, but hearts of Oak!

If your heart beats for the Age of Sail and the men serving in the Royal Navy who risked their lives day after day on the Seven Seas, then you did well to make port here. Please click on the picture of Lieutenant Daniel Leigh below; you will be forwarded to my website and find more information on my two upcoming publications, "Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood (deceased)" and "The Purser, The Surgeon, The Captain And His Lieutenant".

My novels were illustrated by artist Amandine de Villeneuve, who did a wonderful job in catching the spirit of the Age of Sail as well as the souls of the characters I've created.
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