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Jan. 27th, 2012 01:57 pm
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I've moved myself and my community to DW. You can find me there under the user name

[personal profile] collingwood 

and my community under

[community profile] youngcuddy (yes, yes, I know...)

I'll crosspost, feel free to comment wherever you feel more comfortable. :-)

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"The Last Journey of HMS Dover" is a naval ghost story set in the late 18th century, taken from my book "The Radiant Boy - Four Ghost Stories from the Age of Sail". While the book is only available as a paperback, you now have the unique chance to download this one tale all through November for only £ 1.99.

My revenue per purchase is £ 1.23, and that will go 100% to the animal shelter which I've supported for quite a while. At the moment, the cat house is in dire need of renovation, and I hope I can drum up some funds with this "Hallowe'en Special" so the kitties will get a new home before Christmas.

HMS Dover prepares for her last journey, and so does Captain Ashley. After more than forty years at sea, all he longs for is a hopefully long retirement in the country, surrounded by his family and dogs. Unfortunately, there are rumours of a haunting aboard, and Captain Ashley knows only too well how the reputed presence of a ghost could influence the morale of his superstitious tars.

Of course there are no such things as ghosts, only creaking floorboards, the rustling of rats helping themselves to the provisions and the wind blowing eerily in the rigging...

Click here to buy:


Written by Emma Collingwood
Illustrations by Amandine de Villeneuve
Edited by Timothy T. Tarbottom, Esq.

Just like the book, this story comes with a book curse. ;-)

Please spread the word; thanks in advance for buying the story and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Yes, yes, I know I said I'd add a blog to the Emma Collingwood website (that's where you can find my original writing) for ages. What can I say -, I just always found something else to do. I'll leave it to my readers to judge my qualities as a writer, but as far as my promotional skills are concerned, there's little doubt that I'm a hopeless case.

But - but! Now I've done it!


That's where you'll find all the latest news and hopefully interesting bits and pieces. And there will be some news very soon - promised!
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It’s a miracle… or maybe somebody defrosted the computers? Be that as it may,

Four Ghost Stories from the Age of Sail

by Emma Collingwood
with colour illustrations by Amandine de Villeneuve

is now available through Amazon UK!

It’s definitely cheaper for you to buy through Amazon than through my website, so order while it lasts!

Happy reading!

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